11 FOCUS Series Hot Air Systems
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FOCUS Series Hot Air Systems

FOCUS Series is a family of Convection Rework Systems for every application. The family includes Low Cost, simple models for basic tasks and Sophisticated, Programmable and Intelligent models for more complex rework.

Patented in USA, Japan and Europe.
USA Patent #: 6,761,304 | Japan Patent #: P2002-118358A | Europe Patent #:W111548 and W111661


Available Models:

All models use ergonomic and patented hand pieces and the same, Quick Connect and Nozzles. Custom nozzles are available on relatively short notice. All systems are top performers but very reasonably priced.

FOCUS models with digital control and vacuum pick-up
Focus "X"


Built-in air pump

FOCUS models with vacuum pick-up
Focus N2

FOCUS N2 Series

Requires Nitrogen

Focus "A"


Built-in air pump


Hot Air systems accessories

  • XK Series Tool holders with "Z" axis control
  • XU Series Board Holders
  • X-1000 Series Pre-heaters
  • Foot Switch, Nozzle Insertion/Removal Tool, Vacuum Cup Insertion/Removal Tool, Nozzles holders
Optional accessories

XN Series - FOCUS Series Nozzles

  • BGA, QFP, PLCC, SOIC, SOJ and Discrete
  • Best Performers in the industry
  • Low flow resistance, low mass with quick connect and competitively priced
Nozzles for FOCUS

XM Series - Mini nozzle range

Mini nozzle range
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